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In keeping with our key values to provide high-quality, cost-transparent, inclusive and accessible healthcare, we are launching a new health equity fund to help provide care to those that may face economic barriers to membership. Our community in and around Richmond is one that understands the value of mutual-aid. A little can mean a lot to a neighbor in need. Even as a new practice, we have already seen life-changing results from the care we can provide. We do not want affordability to prevent someone from accessing the care they should have, but we also have to achieve balance to keep our lights on. This fund will help us expand services by removing those barriers, and allow us to continue to do the work that is so desperately needed. 


 A 2022 poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows an overwhelming majority of Americans, nearly 8 in 10, say they are concerned about getting access to quality healthcare when they need it, but this statistic only highlights what we all already know: something radically different needs to happen in American healthcare. The pandemic has laid bare the failings of a system that was already stretched thin and out of reach for many, leaving healthcare workers experiencing burnout and patients without options. Health disparities for BIPOC, the LGBTQ+ community and people experiencing disabilities have grown dramatically, even more so are the differences for those with intersecting identities within these groups.  


We at Seven Hills Family Medicine want to provide comprehensive compassionate care to everyone that needs it, but we can’t do that without help. 


Your gift will help pay for the healthcare costs of a community member that could not otherwise afford it, giving the gift of comfort and security that a dedicated physician can bring. The number of adjustable rate memberships that we will be able to offer will depend on the success of our fundraising efforts.

There are two ways to support this effort. The first is with a one time gift to our crowdfunding campaign using the big button below. The second is to become an Equity member of our DPC practice, where a portion of your monthly membership is used to help another member of our community join the Seven Hills family.

If you can, please help us continue our work bringing comprehensive, inclusive, and trauma-informed care to the Richmond community.


If you are able, join our DPC practice at a higher monthly membership rate to help offset the costs of those with fewer resources:

Starting at $105/month for adults, $69/month for youths, with an enrollment fee of $100 per individual (caps at $500 per group).


You have the option to further increase your monthly contribution at sign-up


This rate reflects the standard cost of a general membership:

$85/month for adults, $59/month for youths, with an enrollment fee of $100 per individual (caps at $500 per group). 


Automatic discount applied for groups with a single payer: 10% off for groups of 2-3, and 15% off for groups of 4 or more


If you are unable to afford the standard cost of a general membership:

$48/month for adults, $38/month for youths, with an enrollment fee of $52 per individual (caps at $208 per group).

No means testing, your need is self assessed. These memberships are offered as resources allow on a first come first served basis

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