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We offer two methods for safely ending an early pregnancy; the SofTouch® procedure and abortion by pill.

A pregnancy is considered early if you are less than 12 weeks along. 

Our expert staff can help you choose what method is best for you.


Our fees are all inclusive and cover the office visit, ultrasound, and any required follow up. There are no hidden costs and Financial Aid is available.

Abortion by Pill   $380


Up to 10 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy

After an expert evaluation and consultation in the office, medication is taken in the privacy of your home to safely induce a miscarriage.

All necessary prescriptions are dispensed on-site to avoid the added stress of making a trip to a pharmacy.

Dr. Arnold is available by phone 24/7 throughout the process and any follow up office visits are included in the fee. 


SofTouch® Procedure   $525

Up to 11 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy.

A gentle, noninvasive procedure performed with a soft touch. SofTouch® (MVA) is completed with a small device called an aspirator which fits in the palm of the doctor’s hand. Dr. Arnold gently inserts a soft, flexible tube through the natural opening of your cervix and applies light pressure, releasing the pregnancy. This quiet procedure lasts about 2-5 minutes with minimal discomfort.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), an anesthetic that reduces anxiety and creates a feeling of euphoria, is available to our patients at no additional charge.

Recovery is immediate, and no follow up is required.


Dating Ultrasound   $150

For pregnancy dating only (non-diagnostic).

The entire ultrasound fee may be applied toward an abortion procedure if scheduled.

You can estimate how far you are in pregnancy with a calculator like this one, or our team can help you to figure it out over the phone. 


You still have abortion options if your pregnancy is past 12 weeks. Please use these resources to find the care that you need.

  • How safe is abortion?
    There is a lot of misinformation about the safety of abortion procedures. This information is not based on facts and is distributed by anti-abortion groups who want to impose their views on others. The science is clear: early abortion performed in the first trimester by pill or aspiration is incredibly common and incredibly safe. There is no increased risk to future fertility and you may become pregnant again immediately.
  • Why should I come to the office for an abortion by pill instead of using a telehealth option?
    While telehealth is a safe option for most people to get abortion pills, it is important to be aware that in some cases the abortion pills will fail to end a pregnancy. While this is relatively uncommon, it does happen to about 1 in 20 patients (4.8% failure rate). Most telehealth providers of abortion by pill do not offer any follow up or refund in the case of such a failure. At Seven Hills Family Medicine in the event of an incomplete abortion by pill our experienced staff will counsel you on all of your options, including an in-office aspiration procedure. If an in-office follow up procedure is required there is no additional cost to our patients.
  • Is it safe to take abortion pills at home?
    Yes! Dr. Arnold will review your ultrasound and medical history to make sure that abortion pills are a safe option for your care. She will also prescribe an individualized pain management regimen to help you care for yourself at home. Complications are rare and we are available 24/7 to help you through the process.
  • Do I need sedation for the SofTouch procedure?
    For most people no sedation is required. SofTouch is a gentle 2-5 minute procedure specifically designed to end early pregnancy and manage miscarriage in a family doctor’s office. The procedure is performed on a regular exam table and is similar to a Pap Test. It is non-invasive as there is no cutting or permanent change to the body. Some cramping and discomfort is expected but can be managed with a variety of non-sedating pain medications available in our office.
  • Will I have to go to a pharmacy to pick up my abortion pills?
    No, all required medications are dispensed from our in-house pharmacy. You will not have to go anywhere else when you leave.
  • Can I use insurance to cover my abortion?
    In order to keep our prices low we do not accept insurance. If desired, we can provide you with an itemized receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You may also want to check the cost of the abortion procedure with your insurance provider, as in some cases it may be more expensive to use insurance coverage. Also, please be aware that Virginia Medicaid does not cover elective abortion, but financial aid is available.
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