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We provide Direct Primary Care (DPC) -

a relatively new healthcare model that is both innovative yet familiar. This model prioritizes high value care and sustainability for patients and physicians over profitability for investors and private equity.


For a predictable monthly fee, you get uncapped access to your doctor, with same or next day appointments, and comprehensive visits lasting 30 to 60 minutes.


There are NO copays for visits, and prescriptions are deeply discounted at close to their wholesale cost through our pharmacy, with most individual labs and testing costing ten dollars or less.


We will tailor communication to your preferences through text, email, phone, telehealth, in-person office visits or medically necessary house-calls within 10 miles.

Pricing Structure for our Sustainable Membership:

A one time registration fee of $100

Adults (21-64): $85 per month

Youth (3-20 years old): $59 per month

Group discounts available

Additional Membership tiers can be found on our Health Equity Fund Page.


Gender affirming medical care is included in our direct primary care services for patients. There is no additional charge. This includes regular visits with Dr. Arnold, letter writing, discounted medications and labs, referrals for top/bottom surgery and pre-op exams. 


Though it is recommended that you come in at least annually for a physical exam, we understand there are many people throughout the state of Virginia who are too far to get to us regularly, and who do not easily have access to gender affirming therapy. In some cases we can provide gender affirming care exclusively through telehealth. Please call us to set up a free consultation with Dr. Arnold, and she will review your medical history to see if this is an appropriate option for you.



At Seven Hills Family Medicine, we respect and fully support you in your choice. No one knows better than you what is right for you at this moment. We are here to provide you with the care that you need, when you need it.

We offer abortion by pill and in-office aspiration procedure by private individual appointments, Monday through Friday, to both the general public and DPC members. Our fees are all inclusive and cover the office visit, ultrasound, and any required follow up. There are no hidden costs and Financial Aid is available.

Fees for the General Public

Abortion by Pill                       $375

Up to 10 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy

Aspiration Abortion                $475

Up to 11 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy

Please call (804) 376-9114 to schedule an appointment, or email (expect a reply within 1-2 business days).

We can help you estimate how far you are in pregnancy over the phone, or you can also use a calculator like this one. You still have abortion options if your pregnancy is past 12 weeks. Please use these resources to find the care that you need.

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